Chalmers, Indiana

Enjoy the Chalmers Community Park

Water tower

The Chalmers Community Park is an outdoor complex which features several recreational points of interest. It is a common location for seasonal sports competitions and everyday outdoor fun. In addition, it serves as a meeting place for family reunions, birthday parties, and more.

The park is located immediately west of Frontier Jr./Sr. High School's track and baseball fields and is on an alley with parking space.

The complex is maintained and cared for by a community management board. David Kurth is the current heard of the park board.

The park has a lot to offer for just about anyone.
Hope to see you there!

Park board David Kurth Marc King Betty King Shirley Farmer Mark Doyle Kim Doyle

Fun for everyone


The park features fun activities for people of all ages.

The playground consists of several swings, slides, a stand-up seesaw, a merry-go-round, and other climbing structures. A few swings have back support for infants and toddlers. The large play structure is a lot of fun for the children. It can function as an airplane, a ship, or an ambulance, depending on the kids' imaginations! It has slides of several sizes, suitable for a wide age range of children.

Aside from the playground, the park includes two fenced softball fields, a multi-use field (located inside of the walking park), a beach-style volleyball court, and horseshoe tossing pits.

Pavilion & Restrooms

The park has a pavilion shelter, which includes a concession stand for sporting events, charcoal grills, trash cans, 8-10 picnic tables, and a drinking fountain.

Pavilion Pavilion

The pavilion can be utilized for parties and other events; please contact the town hall if you wish to make a reservation. A small building west of the playground contains separate male and female restrooms which are open seasonally.

Walking trails

A satellite view of the walking trails from above

Our most recent exciting addition to Chalmers Community Park is a network of walking trails.

From the trails, you can see to the horizon over the surrounding farmland. Overall, the walking park consists of 3,500 feet of trail. The park allows pets and encourages dog walking on these trails. Bicycling is allowed as well. Along the trails are several rest areas which include sitting benches, trash cans, and flowers that are cared for by the regulars!

Everyone can enjoy the trails that are located just northwest of the softball fields. The land for the trails was purchased from Thompson Farms. In 2009, it was plowed and disked by antique equipment from Marc and Scott King's collection. There were several volunteers: Marc and Scott King, Tyler Grumm, Nick Brenner, Greg and Madeline Hollingsworth, and Ed Heath.

The park board assumed that gravel trails would have to be put in until funds were raised for asphalt. However, the board came across Central Paving and found that they were reconstructing the highway between Chalmers and Brookston. Discussions were made about putting in trails with recycled materials from the old asphalt.

The project was started in the spring of 2010, then delayed because of the excess rain, which resulted in the asphalt sitting along State Road 43 on the south side of Chalmers. The trails took one day to cut by Matthews Paving but because of rain had to be dried out and recut in places. They were laid and rolled and are now ready for use!

Trails and water tower Trails intersection

Planned park events

Event Activities
Kite Day make and play with kites
Full-moon Walks community night walks under full moon
Howdy Neighbor Walk special evening walks

The park board has plans of adding many trees, bushes, wild flowers, benches and trash cans along the trails and is currently in the process of doing so. We will appreciate any donations of plants, flowers, trees, or bushes. (These can be from your property!)

We are thrilled with the trails and have hope that everyone come and enjoy them as much as we do. We plan on having special days at the park in the future.