Chalmers, Indiana

Chalmers Community Park's brighter future

New pavement (left) and old pavement (right)

You may have noticed that about one third of the trails are paved differently than the rest. The original pavement consists of recycled asphalt from when Indiana State Road 43. The newer pavement is about an inch of blacktop coating that makes the trails far more durable and much more comfortable to walk on. Plans have been made to finish the rest of the trails; all of them should be resurfaced in the near future.

The park board plans to improve the Chalmers Community Park walking trails yet again by installing lighting throughout them. This will allow us to fully utilize the trails even during the shorter-day seasons!

The board and some other contributors continue to make efforts to make the walking trails more enjoyable. Many trees, flowers, grass, etc. have been planted. They say fall is the season when transplants are most successful. Let the park board know if you want to share something from your property!

Civic Club makes a move on beautification efforts

Chalmers activists are proud to see the goal to clean up the town finally becoming a reality as the "first step" is being made in Downtown Chalmers.

Chalmers post office, lot at right (May 5, 2011)

Mr. Ed Delashmit, president of the Chalmers Civic Club, proposed some changes the club had planned for Downtown Chalmers at the October town council meeting. The region discussed primarily is the lot between the Post Office and the building that formerly housed an insurance office. Mr. Delashmit's presentation included a photo of the space in its current state side-by-side with a computer rendering of how the area would ideally appear after the changes.

The space is essentially the only free lot in Downtown Chalmers without a structure of some sort on it. The Civic Club views this as an opportunity to transform an empty lot into a small Downtown park. The design plan includes new cement and stonework. The weathered sidewalk from Michael's to the insurance building would be replaced as well. In addition, the short wall separating the sidewalk from the lot would be replaced with a fancier stone wall.

On the lot would be placed a gazebo - a comfortable outdoor sitting area for anyone to utilize for relaxation or reading. The lot would be decorated with flower pots, and the current flower boxes would be placed upon the new separation wall. The design also includes a mural on the exterior brick of the Post Office facing east (the west wall of the lot). It is not yet known who will be appointed the job to paint the mural nor what it will include.

It seemed as though all present members of the town council enjoyed the presentation and the Civic Club's proposal. A motion was made for the Civic Club to initiate the project, and the motion carried.

Chalmers post office with new sidewalk (October 2013)

Mr. Delashmit showed much enthusiasm and excitement in his presentation, stating that he wished for the project to begin by the end of November. His hopes were fulfilled as the project got off to an early start - the cement work has been started already in the fourth week of October! The Civic Club plans to install the gazebo and finish the project during the spring.

The club hopes that these modifications to their space will spark further changes to be made by the other land owners of Downtown Chalmers. This move should increase awareness of our efforts to beautify Chalmers, and it will promote additional future improvements to the Downtown area. Ultimately, any changes made will promote commercial growth in Chalmers as well.

The Civic Club will conduct a meeting at the Chalmers Town Hall on Thursday, October 23, 2013 at 7:00 P.M. All residents are welcome to attend this public meeting. The Civic Club's beautification project and possibly other revitalization amibitions will be discussed at the meeting.

Efforts to revitalize Downtown Chalmers

Chalmers street view (1909)

One hundred years ago, the town of Chalmers flourished with churches, banks, factories, grain elevators, hotels, garages, blacksmith shops, and even a lumber yard and newspaper press. It had fifteen stores and housed around 600 residents.

It is no secret that Chalmers lacks the economic success it once had, especially in the areas of commerce and dining.

A group of residents have a goal to bring liveliness and youth back to Chalmers. They feel that the first step to this achievement is to clean up the run-down appearance of Downtown Chalmers and its historical buildings. In order to do so, the group must organize a committee consisting of individuals who have interest in the town of Chalmers and would like to see it grow both physically and economically. The committee must then seek financial assitance from other organizations.

Downtown Chalmers (2012)

Wouldn't it be great if Chalmers had a family diner, a small convenience store, and other locally-owned businesses? The storefronts of Downtown Chalmers in their current state would not be suitable for such businesses. The downtown area therefore will be the main focus of the revitalization program. However, we hope these changes will impact the town as a whole.

We're looking for more residents who have faith in the future of Chalmers. Anyone interested should attend the public town meetings at the town hall, held the second Monday of each month at 7:00 P.M. This project has been a topic at each meeting for a number of months now.

We aim to make Chalmers more eligible for Indiana Main Street, a program that helps towns like Chalmers restore original buildings such as the ones in our downtown square. The program's main goal is to promote economic growth.

Chalmers website's facelift

The new Chalmers website (September 13, 2013)

Not too long ago, Chalmers modernized a bit by introducing a town website. We were impressed almost immediately by the increasing numbers on the traffic ticker. The website, however, lacked easy navigability and quickly became outdated.

Chalmers resident Mitchell Cooper has a long history of experience with computers. For the past several years, he has assisted residents of Chalmers and the Greater Lafayette region with their computers and electronics. Before that, he spent most of his free time programming and developing websites from his home.

Cooper had recently developed an interest in Chalmers as a whole and began to regularly attend public meetings shortly after. He is now involving himself with the downtown revitalization program as well. When Cooper first discovered that Chalmers had its own website, he instantly developed an interest in it and began to redesign it during his free time.

Website presentation (September 9, 2013)

Unlike the original website, Cooper's design utilized modern elements of the World Wide Web. He included dozens of photos, effects, and other forms of eye candy in a truly unique design created exlusively for the town of Chalmers. Aside from the beauty, his take on the Chalmers website provided more functionality, navigability, and up-to-date information.

At the public meeting of August, 2013, Chalmers activist Mark Wessel announced that Cooper had been secretly developing a new website. At the next meeting in September, Cooper presented the website to the town council. A motion was made to transfer website management to Cooper; all five council members voted in favor of the motion, and it carried.

Cooper plans to implement a number of useful features in the new website. Among these are the ability to pay bills online, a gallery of photos uploaded by residents, an easy mechanism for residents to contact Chalmers officials, and a calendar of current and upcoming events. Plans have also been made to create a way for residents to keep up-to-date with the current projects of the town council from their homes. Residents will have the ability to view the minutes and agendas of public meetings on the website.

The website will serve as an excellent tool for the town to advertise its current projects. It will also spread awareness of our efforts to promote commercial growth. Local businesses should contact us if they are interested in advertising on the new website. We plan also to create a directory of places to go and things to see in the area.